Welcome To My Web Hosting 168!

Who We Are:

What’s unusual is that we never intended to become a web hosting company. We are a group of highly-skilled and highly handsome tech entrepreneurs out of New York City. We needed a lightning quick web hosting service for the new technologies we were creating, but couldn’t find any that were living up to our standards. So then we decided: hey, let’s build our own.

What We Have Become:

The data-center we made was fast. I mean, it was really fast. It was also powerful…too powerful for our little programs. We decided to become a hosting reseller…letting people use our SSD Hosting network for their own websites and applications.

And…well, the rest is history.

Who We Are Now, Plus a GoDaddy Coupon Code.

After word got around, we became a hosting reseller for GoDaddy, a really cool company that we identified with. Our name is Web Hosting 168. Why 168? It’s the number of hours in a week. Our hosting works for you 168 hours in a week.
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We want to recommend a godaddy renewal coupon code website for enabling us to set up our reseller hosting business in way that makes us the cheapest reseller on the market, but also keeps our whole company in the black.

Who We Will Be:

Our goal is to provide low-cost, lightning-fast and reliable hosting for anyone with a website or application. We are absolutely committed to being the absolute best host in the business. Anybody can be the cheapest, but it’s a lot more difficult to provide low cost hosting that is still high quality. However, we feel we are up to the task. For the record, this is how we want to be viewed upon in five years:

The Best Hosting Companies for 2020:

  1. 1. Us. Yay!
  2. 2. Digitalocean (Boo!)
  3. 3. GoDaddy
  4. 4. Bluehost
  5. 5. Hostgator
  6. 6. Dreamhost
  7. 7. Donald Trump Hosting (we’re being a little imaginative here!)