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Since our homepage clearly lays out the weird story of how we became a web hosting company, we’ve decide to use our “About” page to tell our audience about a recent event that happened at our company that is pretty embarrassing:

We lost our domain name.

Well, to clarify we got it back, and that’s why you’re able to read this right now. But our domain name was not set to auto-renew, and since no one at our company was officially ‘in charge’ of this simple task, it was completely overlooked.

Well, thanks to some deft domain name auction skills and a renewal coupon for GoDaddy, we managed to get our website back up and running with only a quick 20-day downtime (it could have been much worse).

This is actually not a unique phenomenon to our company: such a small thing has been famously overlooked by major companies. Here’s an example of the companies that have forgotten to renew their domain names:

  • – their website went online for a full 24 hours back in 2018. They returned to operation.
  • Foursquare – The website went offline for several hours back in 2010 when no one at the company had renewed their domain name.
  • (Microsoft) – Way back in 1999, Microsoft let their ‘’ domain expire, which left people unable to access their hotmail e-mail accounts for several hours.
  • – Also back in 2010, the Dallas Cowboys team fired their coach and forgot to renew their domain name on the same day. It was a sign that not all was well in their organization.

Why are we telling you this? Because as a small business person, it is one of those little things that can severely derail your business. For Microsoft and the Dallas Cowboys, it’s only an embarrassment. That’s why we’ve decided to use this experience to make our hosting company better: when you register a domain with us, it will always renew automatically.
You can manually set your domain name not to renew if that’s what you wish. You have complete control. But we are not going to ‘trick’ you into your domain expiring and making a profit of an auction, which is what we suspect several other major domain registrars are up to.